Reset the Code

In response to social tension at the University of Oregon, a team of 19 talented individuals grouped together and created a campaign centralized around mutual respect, and eliminating the bystander effect. 

The 95_ symbol represents the first two digits of our Duck ID which unites everyone as one student body, the rest that follows makes us individuals upon this campus. By supporting the 95_ symbol we are reseting the way we interact and stand up for one another on a daily basis. 

My role // Art Direction and animation illustrations


The Work 

In one week, the Facebook page reached 150,000 people, the videos earned over 67,000 views and we got both local and national news coverage.

Agency: Allen Hall Advertising

Account Manager: Tylynn Burns

Strategists: Hannah Lewman and Chandler Carroll

Writers: Cameron KokesSarah Vella-Labrador and Hannah Lewman

Art Directors: Lina RodeStephanie HastingsWill NielsenRaquel OrtegaBrandon Montes-NguyenFemke Paanakker

Illustration: Lina RodeStephanie HastingsFemke Paanakker

Animation: Lina Rode

Designers: Sonali SampatThuc VinhAven-itza De Primavera and Turner Maxwell

Producers: Tyler RobinsonTurner Maxwell and Spencer Kupish

Media Planners: Stefan Boehmer and Amelia Inouye