Bachelor of Arts in Advertising | Minor Graphic Design

Student Graphic Designer (2017 transitioned into a Graphic Designer) - University of Oregon2015 to 2017

Co. Creative Director - Allen Hall Advertising - 2016 to 2017

Summer Design Intern (Digital) - Monarchy Design - Summer 201

I am a hybrid visual designer, with a strong connection to the digital sphere. 

The pulse of culture is what drives my inspiration, and pixel perfect, purpose driven content (try saying that 10x fast) is the everyday goal. 'Fine art favorites' is the only ice breaker game I will play, and any individual falling under the title 'designer' is a respected colleague, and teacher of mine. 

I love to communicate, learn, and get shit done around good people who do the same. Lets grab coffee. 



Please send all collaboration inquiries to the email listed below.