My name is Stephanie.

I am a 22 year old, hybrid designer, with a strong draw to the digital sphere. 

I admire concise, creative solutions, smart UX design, and vintage street jazz paraphernalia. I am inspired by conceptual art, heinous voice over skills, and a good stand up. 

Communicating, absorbing information, and getting shit done around good people who thrive doing the same, is how and where I work best. Let's grab coffee.


Contact stephhastings.creative@gmail.com





Bachelor of Arts in Advertising | Minor Graphic Design

Studio Design Intern - Manifesto Agency - September 2017 - Present

Student Graphic Designer (2017 transitioned into a Graphic Designer) - University of Oregon2015 to 2017

Co. Creative Director - Allen Hall Advertising - 2016 to 2017

Summer Design Intern (Digital) - Monarchy Design - Summer 2015



Digital, Dusty Filing Cabinet