The premium acai bowl company located in Portland, Oregon, was craving to differentiate themselves from the chain of trendy smoothie bowl companies, after rebranding. They commissioned a group of students to individually come up with an answer.

My solution - Personal connection and seamless UX design, tying the brand back to its roots in a playful manner. 

My role // Ideation and creative executions


Limited Edition Influencer Packages

(T-shirt, gift card, and box)

Social media influencers are a huge opportunity for Moberi to gain high recognition. We developed a gift package, with a T-shirt(s), gift card, and personalized box, that is to be delivered to target bloggers. 

The T-shirt design ties the brand back to Portland, where the bowls originated. The 360 design sprouted from the bowls that Moberi sells. As quoted by an employee, "the freshness of the pacific northwest plays a part in how we blend". Further, the green hearts represent two of the general location landmarks in Portland. 

Moberi T-shirt.png

Website Propsal

For the UX inspiration, the overreaching goal was to create a seamless online experience to view the products that aligned with their Instagram identity. The other goal was the create an order online feature, that allows customers from a wider landscape to grab easily get a bowl or smoothie without the hassle of traffic.

(Images kindly provided by Moberi's official Instagram page.)